Find a Thinker

While sifting through several blogs, one caught my attention; Elephant Flower. While reading some of her posts I found that we were a lot alike. The way she approaches the graphic design elements of all her UNIV projects is identical to the way I would. There was one specific approach where she talks about using the site Wix, which come to find out I use. Another aspect that I found very similar to myself and her was her writing style. She stays consistent in her syntax and uses larger words but still has a personal feel to her writing which is what I always aim to do in my writing. One thing she states in her “Investigators Assemble” post was, “In today’s society, we are warped in sense of reality.” I found it intriguing and complimentary that she used that as one of her paragraph starters. Overall, her blog really grasped my attention.


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