“They have improved his food, his clothing, his shelter; they have increased his security and released him partly from bondage of bare existence.”

A dash of salt, add a belt, raise the ceilings, lock the door. Mankind has enhanced every element of our world to have complete control over all human senses. Utilitarian items made aesthetically appealing to guide our eyes. Flavors scientifically altered to tug at your taste buds. Speakers made so crisp and large that ears melt. Blankets made with fibers enriched with the softest material known and even perfumes made to attract the shyest men. The necessities of the world do not have to be the bare minimum, we were put on this earth to create and flourish. Flourish in ways that are in close proximity or even planets away. Creativity is a part of this aspect, which influences us to thrive out of the bondage of the cave in which we started from.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.01.27 PM

With all these enhancements, we leave a mark. With a mark, we become icons, famous for our new creations. I took this photo in the Pollak building bathroom. Girls marking their territory, scribbling jokes, emotions, words to reach out to unknown and unfamiliar metal scratches. What we add to the world triggers responses from other people and in this stall, we relate.


One thought on “Nugget”

  1. “Creativity is a part of this aspect, which influences us to thrive out of the bondage of the cave in which we started from.”

    I as well see a connection from the cave to the bathroom photo , much like the cavemen wrote on cave walls to bring meaning to the world, girls to this day try to reach out on the walls of public restrooms so others’ will see and read. The writers on these walls hope that their audience will understand and gain insight. The same could be said about graffiti, art that hangs on the walls, and bulletin boards, people trying to share a message, like the caveman, from a public commonplace equivalent to a cave wall.

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