Connect The Colleagues

Searching for a blog post with interesting new viewpoints among a sea of threads was challenging however one took my fancy. This blogger states, “it goes into detail about our minds and our desire to know more, keep up, and be what is up to date.” I am passionate about psychological processes because of the underlying question of; who are we without our minds. This blogger crafted the psychology behind his browser history in a manner that was relatable to our demographic as a class, which really intrigued me to tag along to every sentence.

A second blogger that caught my eye was one of which presented a more vague opinion of science and its ability to further communication. Commenting on another blogger’s post regarding the subject matter, I stated that yes, technological advances have pushed us to have a hand over all parts of the world enabling us to communicate with a plethora of individuals we never thought were possible however, it has inhibited us from the physical manners of addressing the people in front of us. This in a way is a handicap and could lead to further and more detrimental social handicaps however the communication still seems to increase as well as the popularity. All and all, the post deemed to present good associative trails in which I really could see that this blogger wanted to further their understanding in the matter.


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