Man-Computer Symbiosis

“The mechanical parts of the systems were mere extensions, first of the human arm, then of the human eye.”

Technology has sufficiently enhanced all realms of our world however; the questions of the practicality of our own organisms have come into play. Robots and systems known as “man-computer symbiosis created to, at the emergence, extend our capabilities are now becoming one with our own organisms. The mere replication of such a system to the ordinary public deems to be nothing but beneficial in regards to the guaranteed accuracy but it plays out a very philosophical theory. A theory such as one of which, a machine can fulfill many tasks at a high-speed rate however it lacks experience. Sure, it can record repetition and use statistics to therefore guide it answers but what about real life experiences that guide our so-called “gut”? Do these experiences guide our notions in a way that is favorable? Or in a devil’s advocate point of view, cause our minds clutter and guide us away from the robotic cold factual answers to the questions of the world?

“They have improved his food, his clothing, his shelter; they have increased his security and released him partly from bondage of bare existence.”

In a comparative analysis, it can be gathered that both nuggets present an essence of enhancements and their regards to our physical world as humans. The first nugget I chose specifically addresses the enhancements to the bare minimum aspects of our existence and the second nugget pertains to a step up from bare minimum. A step up meaning, the technology that has already been invented and is already being enhanced. The interpretation of such text is vital to the understanding of the outstanding achievements and their alterations to not only the world around us but also the people and their reactions in such a world.


[Blog 1]: It was very beneficial to get a bias opinion on the text stated in Morgan’s post. In my writing I did not address the glitch factor of machines I just brought up questions regarding its inability to record real life experiences. Although I did have conflicting opinions on the topic alone I did not consider the glitches.

[Blog 2]: Another conflicting view I thought would be ethical to approach my blog with was Kenna’s post on the fact that human labor may become almost extinct within the coming years and that to envision a world as of that was shocking. I agreed however the factor that would lead it to be shocking is the fact that we have grown up knowing and living human labor and if we were placed in a world of which had all robot tasks, it would be less of a shock.


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