“The entire effect of an individual on the world stems essentially from what he can transmit to the world through his limited motor channels.”

It started with our hands; physical yet strong and consistent in output. Then there were machines to guide and enhance our hands with their foreseen unlimited strength. As a species we have come a long way in regards to our physical capabilities yet our minds have been working in a different direction. Machines filling in the holes to our limited motor channels therefore rapidly growing to replace all cognition. If what we have to show for ourselves is what we are capable of doing, then why are we letting machines dull down the brightness of predetermined knowledge. Pyramids being built with formulas not fully created. The mind only further being stretched and explored with no distractions and enhancements to lift us from figuring out the solution. In the past, our minds were only being further pushed to their borders, the future deems to reveal a mind reliant on machines to do the work.

“They have improved his food, his clothing, his shelter; they have increased his security and released him partly from bondage of bare existence.”

We have been lifted from bare existence however is this beneficial? Are all these mere artificial and temporary enhancements pushing us farther from our full cognitive potential? The brainpower seen in individuals in time periods where technology was only fictional talk for-passes any minds seen today given the circumstances.


[Blog #1]: I really liked what this blogger had to say in regards to Engelbart’s writing. I not only liked their thoughts because of the fact that they chose the same nugget but because they put into perspective the impact of a human’s actions and their correlation to the surrounding world.

[Blog #2]: This second blog really dictates the understanding behind the growing technology and man’s will to push the limits for the standards of extensive knowledge growth. I never thought of it in this aspect which is why I thought this would be a good post to parallel my writing.

[Blog #3]: This blog points out the negatives and the positives to what was called the “memex” which is what we all know now is pretty much any device that can store material into many different categories. I pointed out the negatives toward the growth of technology and its effect on our memory however I did not look at it in a bias way which is what this blogger did.


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