Commenting on Integrated Domain Experiences

[Blog#1]: I really related to what this blogger had to say in that they identified the bias viewpoints on the advancements of technology. Most people picked a side in regards to what technology has to offer and if it is, in reality, helping us, so the subtle ignition of their two-sided post was beneficial.

[Blog#2]: This blogger brings into play the future generations and their lifestyle being totally dependent on technology. When arguing the topic of such a broad basis, most people relate it to their own lifestyle and generation however we don’t really look into the lifestyle of someone born into it. Imagine being born holding an iphone, and being so classically conditioned and maybe even physically adapted to already knowing how to use it.

[Blog#3]: This last blogger brings up the commonalities in their posts upon going back and rereading them. In my opinion I thought it was an interesting point because most individuals would assume commonality is bad however I think it is good. It is good to be unique but for example in social media, I try to have interesting content with an overall general theme, almost like a photo filter that everything commonly falls into. That in a sense ties the material together while still keeping readers and viewers intreged.


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