Primary Text Proposal [UBER]

To define my primary text at present I would describe it as efficient transportation for a plethora of locations for a large demographic. It is an utilitarian app to suffice a quick pick up or a long hike to a late night party your heels can’t bare or a business meeting with rain you never expected. Having your credit card linked makes it easier for pickups and along with the payment benefits, the tab (almost like a dinner date) can be split.

I am approaching this application in a very positive outlook because I think it is a very beneficial application in that there is really no downside. On the financial and production side of it, it is taking over the entire taxi service and replacing it with a cleaner and more sophisticated manner.


One thought on “Primary Text Proposal [UBER]”

  1. Excellent! It’s clear that you’re in favor of using the service. Is the “cleaner and more sophisticated manner” of transportation the focus? This would seem like an interesting and precise way of studying the text (especially when unpacking “more sophisticated” a bit more). Though, of course, this is only one way of going about it. What else specifically interests you to make you champion Uber? (Especially since so many don’t.) I’m excited to see where you take it!


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