Progress Report #2

I think everything is going very smoothly in class. The blogging really links my after-thoughts and side-thoughts not contextualized in class to a bigger domain increasing my understanding for the overall new level of thinking. This new level of thinking is ultimately bringing me closer to the material on the outside and on the inside it is bringing me closer to my classmates.

One classmate that captures my thoughts on the curriculum is this blog. Their overall grasp on the reasoning behind our assignments is what formed my connection between our thought processes. They state that, all the main ideas and even simple ideas are helping them in their daily inquires.

A second blog that also reiterated my judgements about the course was this writer. They talk about how this class has pushed them to take their research further. I have noticed there is almost a step system of one primary text to another in the research process but that step has some more webbing in between that goes unnoticed that in later classes I was never pushed to explore. UNIV200 has not pushed but influenced me to keep exploring all those tiny connections that go without being seen.


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