A Nugget From Nelson

“In the design of our future media and systems, we should not shrink from this emotional aspect as a legitimate part of our fantic design. The substratum of technicalities and the mind-bending, gut-slamming effects they produce, are two sides of the same coin; and to understand the one is not necessarily to be alienated from the other.”

The uplifting and exciting effects of what technology has to offer in a metaphysical aspect can be accepted with respect to its physical implications. Forms of technology produce a wide range of feelings that are interconnected to the machine’s mechanical functions however they can stand alone depending on the individual. The feelings we insinuate are personal yet guided. A machine can ignite feelings in a limited manner and with time these limited manners have become placed on a specific target market.

With these emotions, targeted implications, and technicalities, machines guide our every notions. In this theory my primary text speaks for itself. Uber in a utilitarian aspect offers quick and efficient transportation and the emotions come sweetly after. A sense of happiness, accomplishment, and a range of satisfaction flood an individual after a trip in an Uber. These targeted feelings are a counter reaction to what the creators wanted the user to feel. A complimentary combination on two sides of the same coin.


[BLOG#1]: This particular blogger really resonated with me in that she starts and ends her post guiding people to want to strive to improve. Improvement will and can happen everywhere but has to be personally accepted and nursed to be facilitated and I think that was the underlying notion of this specific post.

[BLOG#2]: I like the stance this writer took on taking a quote such as that, computers are almost as necessary as food and being bias at the beginning but then falling into exactly what the quote stood for. The fact that even back when this was originally written, computers were completely unnecessary, they were still predetermined to be seen as a vital element to our world. The writer goes on to fall into this predisposition that they DO in fact need technology and it is vital to their life.

[BLOG#3]: I especially favored this blogger in that they went along the same lines as to what I wrote about. They implied that there are emotions that are interconnected to the ways information is relayed to us. I talked about the outcome of machines and their ability to facilitate a wide range of feelings and this blogger falls into the same route but in a different context.


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