Blog Beautification

CRAP. Contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity, the four principles of design. I implemented a number of these concepts to fully and properly represent myself on my blog. I wasn’t fully happy with my original design in that the predetermined fonts were static and would sometimes change from post to post making my work seem sloppy and uncorrelated. I first changed my theme to a more modern matte feel. The text now rides over a static photo that I took of Monument. The font could be varied in a number of ways but to fulfill the principle of repetition, I made all headers and subtext identical.Contrast is seen in regards to the white text over my matte photo and alignment is projected through a left-justified text which is also seen as modern in contrast to center justified which is more outdated. These minor changes brought all the material together in a way that is scientifically proven to be stimulating to the eyes.


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