Interpreting My Dream

The initial thought as you click heels out of a loud sweaty party is, “I need a ride.” After a long night of partying, the comfort of a safe and efficient ride at the click of a few buttons comes streaming alongside the sidewalk within minutes. The efficiency of such a system and the technicalities in itself are simple: a dispatch software sends requests from individuals requesting their service and the nearest private driver heads to the location. The service can be seen in multiple ways however. The metaphysical notes from the service itself modify the content of such an app.

Ted Nelson makes a note that any technological device has two parts, similar to two sides of a coin. Keeping this notion in mind it is clear to see that the service that is provided is a physical manner and withholds one side to the coin and the satisfaction of the service and its successful act is the metaphysical remaining side. What we get out of any device triggers emotions which play into our actions; this is purely human, these devices lack emotions. Our reactions mean more in that context because we can reveal these feelings to others creating an impact on the reliability and extent to the device which has been utilized.


2 thoughts on “Interpreting My Dream”

  1. I really like the text that you chose to discuss. It will make a really interesting project and I think the way that you’re approaching it and connecting it to Ted’s piece is really great.


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