Kay/Goldberg Nugget

“Methods discovered in one medium provide metaphors which contribute new ways to think about notions in other media.”

Make it meaningful. The mind, like a machine, works in varying ways to output a wide variety of solutions. Its interlacing of data and unique combinations are in a way what make us individuals. The way we interpret things, read things, and imagine things are all perceived differently from our experiences and even the world we inhabit.

In regards to my primary text, the way in which we simplistically view a transportation application are fairly narrow. You request a ride through your phone and the ride comes to your location. Simple. However, this one form of medium can contribute a plethora of metaphors in which we can make inferences from.  For example, a metaphor in which the app places a smile on your face from its succession. This in itself is not a metaphor alone however the smile can be placed as happiness as a simple notion. All these feelings are counter reactions to the application and its service but they cannot stand alone in context.


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