Linking Peers

[Blog #1]: I really liked the theory they placed on Youtube and their ubiquitous presence in our media world. It was interesting to read that VCU has a website to stream live television. I picked this blogger because they resonated with the small detail that their form of primary text will ultimately extinct another primary form of technology. Uber, my text will also extinct another form (taxi services) so these two newer forms of technology eventually win the race.

[Blog #2]: This blogger stuck with me in that an idea can seem crazy if it is set in the wrong time and place. Josh wrote about the destiny of Uber and stated that potentially it could be placed through helicopters. In this time and setting, it seems outrageous but in theory it could be possible and my quick jump to what seems relative is therefore placed on the back burner. Uber could end up using dispatch to communicate with pilots of helicopters to take passengers to their destination.

[Blog #3]:  I really liked what this blogger had to say because I wrote a paper regarding the same issue last semester. Coming from someone who has been in the modeling and fashion career for the past five years, it is quite evident that there are overt issues in the media pertaining to self-perception issues. I think this is a major issue that should be addressed and I am glad that this blogger decided to uptake the matter.


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