Presenting My Dream

In my future predictions for Uber, I was undereducated on the realm of entities Uber withholds such as, on-call lawyers, private jets, flower delivery services, doctor house calls, laundry services, in-home massage therapists, alcohol deliveries, etc therefore my predictions were a bit eschew. However, I do believe that the largest market that would ultimately withstand the needs of our modern age was its plain and simple transportation application. Their ubiquitous grasp on the market of the delivery service is vast to say the least but the minimalistic nature of our needs and the quick demand of them is vital and in my opinion the only one that fits that is Uber.

What I wish to explore on my project proposals are  the unique services and qualities Uber has to offer against its competition (taxis). I also plan to go in depth about the individual services Uber owns. Lastly, I would like to research their tactics as a business in this competitive market.


The connection between what I wish to research for my inquiry project and what I have now is a little different in that originally I wanted to study the psychological side of the application and the appealing emotions that are followed after the usage however it deemed to be too broad. My new research question took a whole new approach in that it focuses more on the business and marketing side of things.

How does Uber, acting as quick and modern transportation service, optimize its market and what unique qualities does it offer against its competition?


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