They Say / I Say

“The entire effect of an individual on the world stem essentially from what he can transmit to the world through his limited motor channels.” I pulled this quote from Augmenting Human Intellect A Conceptual Framework by Douglas C. Engelbart. Everything I do and say is to ultimately make people laugh or become engulfed in a familiar scenario or feeling. I think you can have a conversation with an individual however it never becomes engaging till it relates, and when it does, you can overtly feel the connection. What we transmit as individuals on to the world creates a domino effect, If I tell you something that you will always remember for one reason or the other, you will share it; an idea, a story, a feeling.

I think in regards to the way this passage was written and how it stands represents the bigger picture I am aiming for. “The entire effect of an individual…” shows that we are here for some reason other than eating, breathing, and surviving. We have things to give and feel and I think that passion of revealing those things we have to offer for the betterment of the world is a style I wish to tap into in my final inquiry project.


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