Nuggeting Sources

“…the biggest issue is that Uber is moving in on others’ turf. And that turf has already been officially, legally, and handily reserved by the government for a select group of businesses.”

A stretch but a good analogy to further the understanding of Uber is the relevance of the constitution. We are constantly updating it almost like the refresh button at the top right-hand corner of your screen.  Although Taxis have been certified and legally sewn into our government, Uber is the updated more efficient version for our cell-phone handling generation. The main market for Uber is anyone with a smartphone, taxis do not withhold any such utilitarian demand.

With our growing demand for faster, better, and more effective results, the only way to keep up is to follow the path of technology. This task was uptaken by Uber and its thriving popularity only indicates that their on-time creation was what our generation needed.


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