Reflection on research: So far the status of my research is fairly positive in regards to the successful tactics of the business however some impending insurance issues on Uber drivers have currently come to play. “According to SherpaVentures, on-demand enterprises must reach the mass market cheaply while removing anonymity.”

What I have noticed among my peers: What I have noticed amongst my peers is that they all have a very precise grasp on their area of study and all go into depth more than I feel like my inquiry project does. However, I do feel like the business side of my project is strong enough to compel a proper argument.

Formation of project: The formation of my project keeps getting wider however the concentration is still on the business aspect of things and the competition between the new and the old (taxis).

Comparisons and connections to peers:

[Blog#1]: I connected with this particular blogger in that they refer to the change in a already made system. In a comparative analysis to Uber, taxis were an already established transportation system however now they are proposing ideas to create and enhance this notion of effective and efficient transportation.

[Blog#2]: The first thing this blogger says is that their inquiry project is turning into an informative piece. I agree that my project is turning into one as well just in the description of their business tactics and their competition.

[Blog#3]: One of this blogger’s main points was the connection among people and Uber can be seen as a connection as well in that it physically connects people to their desired destination full of people.


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