Nuggeting Sources

“But no other one-tap-economy company has changed society like Uber has. The availability of cheap and reliable transportation has helped spur a real estate surge in San Francisco and a nightlife boom in downtown Los Angeles while also (at least according to some studies) reducing drunk driving. Uber’s classification of its drivers as independent contractors has sparked a national conversation about the changing nature of employment and has made Uber a litmus test on jobs for the 2016 presidential candidates. Elsewhere, Uber has been seen as a stand-in for the excesses of global capitalism, prompting violent protests in Paris and Mexico City.”

The benefits are seen worldwide as Uber’s success influences economic advantages. I think this fits precisely with my argument because it furthers my point that their business tactics have pushed them farther than their competition (taxis). The fact that an application started in the U.S. and has provided triumphs for areas of our world that are unexpected in my opinion is amazing. Who would have predicted that Uber would be a guinea pig for the 2016 presidential election.


2 thoughts on “Nuggeting Sources”

  1. It is fantastic to see your thought process about Uber. I am constantly surprised by the various uses of Uber and its future potential.


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