Investigators Assemble

Part 1:

Major Categories:

  • Job market surplus
  • Economic growth and stability
  • Smart business tactics against competitors
  • Demand based on demographics and time
  • Effect on society

Part 2: The Planning

  • Zach Miners: Pushes for transportation for all walks of life stating in his article, “We regularly speak with disability advocates, policymakers and community members to talk about the ways we’ve worked to make Uberaccessible to riders and drivers with disabilities.” Uber offers a service known as Uber Assist for disabled users that are accompanied by the application with trained drivers for the situation. Uber also works with groups like the National Federation of the Blind to receive feedback from the visually impaired riders.
  • Om Malik: Compares two influential businesses such as Uber and Google. “JUST AS TWO people can have similar personalities, two companies can have a remarkably similar approach to business.” In comparison of the two companies, Google took flight with broadband increasing its speed and Uber increased its efficiency by expanding into more than 90 cities in 34 countries worldwide and added more drivers. Uber’s primary weapons are cost and speed.
  • Patrick May: Describes the impact of the Uber essence. The world has gone crazy over Uber anything, Uber babysitters, Uber trailer rentals, Uber party planners, etc. “With its sensational success, Uber has spawned a multitude of wannabes, startups that either refer to themselves or are referred to by others as the “Uber of whatever.”
  • Marni Soupcoff: Articulates the fact that Uber is moving in on the government’s already regulated turf of the taxi system. Soupcoff describes the relationship between Uber and Taxis in that Uber is more financially efficient however she states that taxis could have done the same tactics to become just as efficient.

Part 3: The Advising

  • Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework – Douglas C. Engelbart October 1962: Engelbart believed that creativity played a huge role in integrating your new ideas and that is vital when it comes to the essence of Uber as a business. The integration of the purpose of taxis and technology (cell phones) has made Uber a success. The subtle combination is the integration that Engelbart ultimately was striving to present. This combination increasing the job market and creates an impact on society as a whole, which was what I am trying to conceptualize throughout all my sources.
  • As We May Think – The Atlantic 1945: In this source, it is apparent that science is deemed to be the swiftest communication between individuals, which therefore impacts technology and then trickles down to the mass public.
  • Man-Computer Symbiosis – J. C. R. Licklider – March 1960: The main point to be followed in Licklider’s writing is that there is a fine line connection between the human brain and computing machines and the hopes are that they can efficiently run together as one. This fine line was approached by Uber and their successful business tactics.

Part 4: The Missioning

  • The state of my investigation is that of which most of my information steers to the benefits with few limitations other than some insurance policy issues. Ultimately what I will claim and support in my inquiry project is that Uber is a worldwide movement and that its tactics only further their popularity and outrun the taxis. Why I am such an advocate for the application is partly influenced by my roommate, he is from Mexico City and is part of the embassy and said that waving a taxi down is an unsafe thing you could do. Informing me of individuals in the city who have been brutally murdered by “fake” taxi drivers. Transportation is a vital thing in our life, the world runs on time and money and if you can’t make it fast enough to a scheduled event then someone else will be picked over you. It plays a huge role in every aspect and is interconnected in delicate ways.
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