Look To Your Peers

Blog #1: The methodology behind the way this blogger addresses her three sources used in class is very similar to the way that I did mine. We both touched on the vital components of creativity as a large aspect of Vannevar Bush’s writing.

Blog#2: One of Morgan’s keywords to consider was efficiency which is similar to mine in that I talked about Uber’s successful business tactics which ultimately leads to an efficient business.

Blog#3: In order to further my thinking I chose my three favorite sources that we have used throughout phase one of the class because that was our formation of thought as a preliminary understanding of premature technology. This specific blogger chose the same three sources for part three advising.

Blog#4: The last blogger I chose to comparatively analyze had a plethora of information on the education and safety of their topic. This may seem as a stretch to my focused inquiry project however one of the sources I chose to address taps in on the safety of Uber drivers and their insurance coverage. This small correlation draws this blogger into my issue.

Key questions:

What are we working on, and why does it seem we emphasize the things we do about the internet?

I think the reason we address technology and its impact is because of the methodical way machines and social media chain link other people and ideas through connections and subsets of information formulated through new thoughts.

Are you satisfied with the set of sources you have collected? Regardless, list and link to eight sources.

I am pretty satisfied with the sources I selected because they all don’t just root for the benefits, they address the reality and the issues as well.


FollowingUber’sSuccess Investigators Assemble

Massachusetts examining how Uber, Lyft cater to the disabled.

Uber Is The New Google

As We May Think

Man-Computer Symbiosis

Augmenting Human Intellect – A Conceptual Framework


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