Source Nugget

“Legal challenges haven’t deterred would-be investors. It has raised more than $300 million, from venture firms such as Google Ventures and Benchmark and individual investors like Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos. Uber‘s previous round, completed last summer, valued the company at $3.5 billion.”

Uber, standing against competitors has become a world-wide bustling app overtly enticing large corporations and funds making it a gem in the industry. The fact that it is worth 3.5 billion when it is an up and coming new application is insane. In regards to its correlation to my focused inquiry project as I currently see it, I think this only furthers my argument of their success.

In coherence to my other sources; my previous source also sheds light on the world wide presence. My second nuggeted source addresses the issues of Uber’s take over which is beneficial to one side.


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