Concept Experience

Step 1: Competitive effects, opposition, marketing, product expansion, and surge pricing are five topics that relate to Uber as a whole. The current discussion on each topic is as follows.

Competitive effects: There has been a decrease in the value of medallions on taxis in New York specifically because of the uprise in the Uber industry.

Opposition: There have been large uprises against Uber in countries such as: Germany, India, Spain, France, Colombia, Denmark, China, England, etc. Governments have been unable to halt Uber’s operations in their jurisdictions due to the fact that its operations are conducted primarily over the Internet.

Marketing: Most of Uber’s marketing is primarily done through the apps itself however there have been small Uber promotional activities such as: launching an “Uber Ice Cream” program in the U.S. so that users in seven cities could call an ice cream truck for on-demand delivery, while purchases were billed to users’ accounts.

Product Expansion: Uber is currently expanding in many different areas of service, some include, food delivery, courier package delivery, an online ordering service of 100 different varying items, and more.

Surge Pricing: Uber uses an automated algorithm to increase prices responding rapidly to changes of supply and demand within the market, and to attract more drivers during times of increased rider demand, but also to reduce demand.

Two Most Influential Topics Pertaining to my Subject (Uber): Opposition and Product Expansion.

I think that Opposition is a vital component in the expression of my topic because there any many types of transportation and a lot of ways to describer why Uber suffices.

Product expansion is another view upon my topic that enhances its qualities and service again making it rise against its competitors.


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