Step 2: Two Sources That Agree

Source 1:  This source states a potential cap that could be placed upon Uber in New York City. The source states that the temporary cap could limit growth to 200 new cars instead of the 10,000 new vehicles the company has expected to add over the next upcoming year.

Source 2: The mayor of New York,Bill de Blasio, expresses that a cap is vital to his city. In a Sunday op-ed for the Daily News, Mr. de Blasio stated that he aims to freeze Uber‘s expansion until his regulators can decide how to block any attempts to “skirt vital protections and oversight.”

Discuss the disagreement, why it’s important to resolve, and how their disagreement relates to your project: The main disagreement is if this cap is actually going to be placed. This is important to resolve due to the fact that this major application is being put on halt when the transportation service can never just stop. This disagreement relates to my topic in that this could potentially stop the growth of the company and the main concern for my topic is its business tactics against its competitors.


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