Inquiry Project Sketch

1.) What is currently and typically understood about Uber is that it is a self transportation service that operates entirely over a smart-phone application. The application is deemed more reliable and efficient in comparison to taxis in the eyes of the newer generations.

2.) There is no solid problem other than the comparison to taxis, which is already overridden by Uber however the convincing of taxi-lovers is at surface. This problem is significant to understand due to the fact that we are a technology happy world and the proper services we need to go about our day-to-day activities need to be quick and simple.

3.) The information I have acquired about the problem at hand is that some cities are rejecting Uber because of it’s take over in comparison already regulated and governed taxi service. This helps frame my issue because if Uber was put to a halt in some cities, it growth would be limited and the reasoning behind why Uber beats it’s competitors (taxis) would be pointless.

4.) If Uber acts as a quick and modern transportation service optimizing its market and providing unique qualities against its competition, then how does the comparison look and who are the competitors?

5.) The main points of my argument are as follows:

>What is Uber currently in a business aspect?

>What qualities does Uber have to set it apart?

>Who are the main competitors?

>Current legal battles that Uber faces.


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